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A brief #InternationalWomensDay rant

Posted on 8 March 2016

I’m sure your mom/wife/sister/daughter/grandma/aunt are awesome. The women in my family are awesome. Yours probably are, too.

But too often the mother/wife/daughter thing is used by men who cannot think of any women in the public space whom they admire or respect. Literally when American presidential candidates were asked which woman they would like to see put on money, a number answered with their wife or mother. They couldn’t think of any women outside of those related to them deserving of the role.

And again- I’m sure those women are great! But we don’t have this problem with guys, where the only men people can think of praising are their dads or husbands.

So think about this: which women would you put on money? How quickly can you think of someone other than a family member you think is worthy of the role? How many?

If you’re having trouble, take this opportunity to educate yourself about some other women- past and present- deserving of your praise.

Because if the only women you can think of praising are related to you, and you’re praise is based on them being related to you-

Well, that’s kind of the problem.

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