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Is Prince George losing its family restaurants?

Posted on 23 March 2017

With the news that Kelly O’Bryan’s is closing its doors in Prince George, an interesting point from James Doyle on Twitter:

Kelly O's is closing end of March. Very limited options in PG for family dining as it is. BP, RR, WS, and Denny's only real options now.

— James Doyle (@itsjdphoto) March 22, 2017

There have been some high-profile new restaurants opening lately, but it hadn’t occurred to me they weren’t exactly family-oriented. Two – Kask and Cornerstone – are centered around beer and many others are a sort of high-end, pub-style environment. Kids aren’t excluded, per se, but I can see where they wouldn’t be the sort of place you’d want to bring a crew of under-ten-year-olds. On occasions where I’ve wanted to go out with a group that includes someone with a small child, there have been issues around this.

Which isn’t to say there’s no where for kids to eat. Lots of other people chimed in to talk about the good experiences they’ve had bringing their kids to “non-family” restaurants. Which may be a good thing – Adam McDowell has a good piece in the National Post about the problem with kid’s menus and how they are limiting both future eating habits and cultural horizons. Still, I sympathize with the busy adult who just wants a place they can afford to bring a family and have their kids enjoy it.

Here’s more of the conversation:

and how many of those have boosters, high chairs and kids menus? 6 on this list alone have not in the past.

— James Doyle (@itsjdphoto) March 22, 2017

yeah, I can think of a handful of family dining places! They just aren't big chains, which's a-ok by me!

— jambell ☕️🙏 (@jamiebell) March 22, 2017

it appears my definition of family dining differs greatly from those I've talked to about this.

— James Doyle (@itsjdphoto) March 22, 2017

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