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confluence, episode 24: recommended listening

Posted on 3 February 2018

Because so much of this week’s newsletter was focused on one topic, I broke it out into a separate blog post. If you like the idea of getting it all together together, you can subscribe here.


Alright, that’s it except to tell you that while you’re into the podcast rabbithole, I’m actually going to be spending some of my time over the next few weeks producing “Daybreak North: The Weekend Edition”, a 20-30 minute highlight reel of the best bits of radio we put out every weekday morning. You can subscribe in the podcast stores for Apple and Google, and let me know what you think.

Link time!

Things I wrote personally:

(Some) things I wrote professionally:


In my last letter, I provided the wrong link to Denise Balkisoon’s essay on discovering Canada. This is the correct one.

Quick reminder that you can subscribe to my Spotify playlist. I’m gonna update it with some fresh February tunes soon.

And finally, it’s not a groundhog, but…

Have a great weekend!

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