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I ride a bike to and from work every day. Here’s some things I’ve written as a result.

Share the road

Let me start by saying I am wholly aware that riding a bike in no way comes anywhere close to having the lived experience of a woman, minority, or non-cisgendered person. At all. But…

Posted on 16 June 2016 and filed under articles, bikes, main, misc

No one uses bike lanes

Tonight in Prince George, city council will vote on whether or not to ask staff to prepare a report on how best to come up with some new rules aimed at making it so bike lanes are left clear for bikes. At the moment there are no such rules, so oftentimes bike lanes are full […]

Posted on 31 August 2015 and filed under articles, bikes, main, Prince George

Bike lanes

A comment from a story about the city of Prince George considering making it illegal to park in bike lanes: “I personally do not see a big need for bike lanes to begin with. I see very few bike riders utilizing these bike lanes.” People aren’t using bike lanes that often have cars parked in them, […]

Posted on 20 August 2015 and filed under articles, bikes, Prince George

Winter Bike Commuting

Stephen Regenold: “Winter riding is not without hardship. Evenings comes early, forcing riders to pedal home in the dark. Snowdrifts squeeze streets, eliminating a comfortable side lane for bikes. Frozen fingers and feet are common issues for the unprepared. “But dress right, use fenders and lights on the bike, maybe add studded tires, and commuting […]

Posted on 4 December 2014 and filed under articles, bikes, links, main, outbound

Free Bikes

Last week I was in Vancouver for work and I stayed at the Georgian Court hotel. One evening, I had about an hour of free time and was hoping to pop up to a couple shops of Commercial for some Christmas shopping. I didn’t feel like paying for a taxi, so I mapped it out […]

Posted on 11 November 2014 and filed under articles, bikes, main

How cycling can save lives, motordom, and is it O.K. to kill cyclists?

Some other interesting thoughts on bike riding and car culture.

Posted on 21 February 2014 and filed under bikes, links, main, nocomments

What riding a bike taught me about prejudice, poverty, and designed exclusion

When an SUV swerved to hit me, I realized riding a bike in a car-dominated culture is an inherantly political act.

Posted on 19 February 2014 and filed under articles, Best Of, big, bikes, cities, comments, design, main

Bike to Work Week: Don’t Backslide

Yesterday was a beautiful start to bike to work week. Today…. not so much. Last year, I wrote a post called “Biking to Work.” It ended with this: “If you want to sleep in a bit more, or the days get shorter and it’s kind of dark, or you have a late meeting after work. […]

Posted on 29 May 2012 and filed under articles, bikes

I don’t know anything about bicycles

Biking is not difficult. That’s why whenever people want to describe how easy something is, they say “It’s just like riding a bike.”

Posted on 26 May 2012 and filed under articles, Best Of, bikes, comments, main

“Column shows poor attitude to cyclists”

My recent post on biking  struck a chord, attracting over 100 pageviews in 24 hours and about 30 social media shares (for my low-level blogging, this is positively viral). This was in response to a column in the Prince George Free Press, and today I’m glad to see they’ve printed another response. It comes from […]

Posted on 13 January 2012 and filed under articles, bikes

Life in the Bike Lane

I am sorry I and my fellow bike-riders are scaring you. I can certainly relate to how frightening it must be to almost crush us to death. Awfully inconsiderate of us.

Posted on 10 January 2012 and filed under articles, Best Of, bikes, comments, main

This Is What A Bike Lane Looks Like? Redux

Just over a year ago, I posted this picture: That’s the transition point off of a highway, one of the highest-traffic sections in Prince George. The bike lane is– well, a yellow sign encouraging motorists to share the road. There is nothing else, not even a white line. Earlier this year, I posted this picture: […]

Posted on 22 June 2011 and filed under articles, bikes, comments

Biking to Work

Once you wean yourself off cars, you realize how unnecessary they are for day-to-day life.

Posted on 30 May 2011 and filed under articles, Best Of, bikes, main, personal

Spring Cycling

I took this picture last year to make a point about the ludicrousness of some of the bike lanes (or lack thereof) in parts of Prince George. With spring cycling season here, I think it’s time to come back to it. This picture is taken directly off of the highway. For a bike commuter like […]

Posted on 7 April 2011 and filed under bikes

This is What A Bike Lane Looks Like?

It’s the last day of Bike to Work Week. Even though I bike to work more often than not, this week I forced myself to do it on days when I normally wouldn’t have (rain, up the University Way hill on a deadline). And you know what? It wasn’t bad.  Especially since in most of […]

Posted on 4 June 2010 and filed under bikes, cities, Prince George

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