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Here’s a story about being a white guy in Canadian media.

Posted on 21 February 2016 and filed under articles, Best Of, big, Canada, journalism, main, media

Please leave the pub, you’re making the other patrons uncomfortable

Who is allowed in to your space, and what are they allowed to say?

Posted on 30 November 2015 and filed under Aboriginal, articles, blogging, Canada, main

Even though Liberals in Prince George lost, they won

Even though the Liberal candidates in Prince George lost in both ridings last night, they made huge gains for the party- taking it to levels of support not seen since 1974.

Posted on 20 October 2015 and filed under Canada, links, outbound, Prince George

Racism doesn’t end just because we had an election

When xenophobia is in play, nobody wins.

Posted on 20 October 2015 and filed under articles, big, Canada, main

Where and how to vote in Prince George

Where to go, what you need, how to get there, and who to vote for.

Posted on 17 October 2015 and filed under Canada, Prince George

Nation building

So I’ma go ahead and criticize Rick Mercer here in his rant on national vision, or lack thereof, from our current leaders. “Is he the kind of guy who would’ve said ‘let’s build a national railway?’” Mercer asks of Harper. “Nation building is for everyone.” But was it? Take a look at the historical record […]

Posted on 15 October 2015 and filed under Canada

Brown man doesn’t smile in picture, is accused of barbaric cultural practices

He is being accused of what Canadian legislation now defines as Barbaric Cultural Practices because of what he looks like and people are uncomfortable with the clothes his wife chooses to wear.

Posted on 10 October 2015 and filed under big, Canada, main, nocomments

Be honest: when you hear “barbaric cultural practices”, which culture comes to mind?

A brown man who says he’s a Muslim rapes a woman.

A white man who says he’s an Atheist or a Christian rapes a woman.

But only one of them needs a tip line.

Posted on 8 October 2015 and filed under articles, Canada, main

I’d be more interested in reading pieces about Canada in the New York Times if they weren’t written by Canadians

Canadians care more about what Canadians have to say about Canada if they are saying it to Americans.

Posted on 20 August 2015 and filed under articles, Canada, media

Conflict isn’t boring

Canada is often thought of as a nation that is safe, accommodating, and apologetic. Some might even call us boring, but Andrew Kurjata argues that, our history is anything but boring. Instead, our nation’s dark and tumultuous history has largely been erased from the collective identity. Join Andrew as he explores just some of local history in the city of Prince George that challenges our boring narrative.

Posted on 14 August 2015 and filed under Canada, main, misc, outbound, Prince George

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