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Wired: Inside Facebook’s Two Years of Hell

This is a detailed read of Facebook’s reckoning with foreign powers, powers of abuse and power over media and politics. In the end I’m left asking a question I saw posed elsewhere recently: is it ethical to use Facebook?

Posted on 12 February 2018 and filed under journalism, links, media, outbound, small, social media

For the love of peoplekind, do better Canadian media

Supriya Dwivedi on Justin Trudeau’s “Peoplekind” comment being taken out of context for controversy: “It’s one thing if outlets like Fox News are jumping on the prime minister and have no qualms over misrepresenting a situation in order to advance a false narrative of political correctness gone too far, or if someone like Piers Morgan […]

Posted on 8 February 2018 and filed under links, media, outbound, small

Lindy West quit Twitter and she feels great

”To be clear, it’s not brave to quit Twitter, or righteous (I’m still on Facebook, which is just a differently shaped moral stockyard), or noteworthy. Quitting Twitter is just a thing that you can do. I mention it only because there was a time when I didn’t think it was a thing that I could do, and then I did it, and now my life is better.”

Posted on 6 February 2018 and filed under links, outbound, small, social media

“Never get high on your own supply”

Alex Hern: ”Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t use Facebook like you or me. The 33-year-old chief executive has a team of 12 moderators dedicated to deleting comments and spam from his page, according to Bloomberg. He has a ‘handful’ of employees who help him write his posts and speeches and a number of professional photographers who take […]

Posted on 5 February 2018 and filed under links, outbound, small, social media

confluence, episode 24: recommended listening

Because so much of this week’s newsletter was focused on one topic, I broke it out into a separate blog post. If you like the idea of getting it all together together, you can subscribe here.   Alright, that’s it except to tell you that while you’re into the podcast rabbithole, I’m actually going to be […]

Posted on 3 February 2018 and filed under letters, links, newsletter, small

There is no optimal length for podcasts

“Forget those worries that the podcast bubble would burst the minute anyone actually got a closer look: It seems like podcast listeners really are the hyper-engaged, super-supportive audiences that everyone hoped.“ Hooray!

Posted on 2 February 2018 and filed under links, main, media, outbound, radio, small

An oral history of ‘Northern Touch’ at 20

“‘Northern Touch’ helped bridge the gap between Canada’s scattered hip-hop scenes, bringing together artists from Ontario and British Columbia, but it also did so much more.”

Posted on 1 February 2018 and filed under links, music, outbound, small

Not every hobby is a side hustle

”At a time when Etsy shops and craft fairs and food trucks are decidedly mainstream, every domestic hobby is at risk of becoming a side hustle.”

Posted on 23 January 2018 and filed under links, outbound, small


Tim Carmody: “The most economically powerful thing you can do is to buy something for your own enjoyment that also improves the world. This has always been the value proposition of journalism and art. It’s a nonexclusive good that’s best enjoyed nonexclusively.” I never real thought of journalism this way. But it’s as good way […]

Posted on 19 January 2018 and filed under links, media, outbound

Ladies, let’s be reasonable

“Oh no, have none of these things happened? My mistake. I am worried that they will, which is just as bad.”

Posted on 19 January 2018 and filed under links, outbound

Gord Downie, 53

“Fireworks exploding the distance Temporary towers soar Fireworks emulating heaven Til there are no stars anymore.” Damn. The Best of the Tragically Hip Mixtape.

Posted on 18 October 2017 and filed under links, outbound

“I’m a citizen of a place that was laid right on top of another.”

I first read this piece by Denise Balkisoon on what it means to be Canadian when it came out over a month ago, and I’ve come back to it multiple times.

Posted on 26 March 2017 and filed under Canada, links, outbound

The Manitoba Sound

Melissa Martin investigates the Manitoban accent and its roots in Indigenous languages and waves of settlers: “Manitobans don’t think about this much. Our accents aren’t famous or a point of civic pride. Unlike English speakers in New Yawk or Bawwston, we don’t often see our ways of speaking presented in pop culture media. “So we […]

Posted on 26 March 2017 and filed under Canada, links, outbound, small

The New York Times looks into ‘Month 13’ of the 12-month private sponsorship of Syrian refugees in Canada

An excellent piece of reporting by Jodi Kantor and Catrin Einhorn in the New York Times following the experience of well-meaning Canadians and their Syrian sponsors as they move away from helping their charges through everything towards, hopefully, self-sufficiency. As expected, it’s complicated. “She and the other sponsors asked themselves: How could this be happening, […]

Posted on 26 March 2017 and filed under Canada, links, outbound, small

Good humans who do inhumane things

Chris Edelson: “The men and women who reportedly handcuffed small children and the elderly, separated a child from his mother and held others without food for 20 hours, are undoubtedly “ordinary” people. What I mean by that, is that these are, in normal circumstances, people who likely treat their neighbors and co-workers with kindness and […]

Posted on 17 February 2017 and filed under links, outbound, small

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