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Some thoughts for Canadian media in the wake of President Donald Trump

The temptation to go COULD A TRUMP CAMPAIGN SUCCEED IN CANADA? is strong and is already well underway. But I think some real thought needs to go into this, regardless of where you stand on the candidates or the issues.

Posted on 9 November 2016 and filed under articles, comments, main, media

facebook isn’t destroying journalism or reality (i think)

I suspect people weren’t better informed in previous times. My guess is the threshold for being well-informed was just lower.

Posted on 15 October 2016 and filed under media

Indigenous Canadians and the bus plunge

” Indigenous people, I’m afraid, haven’t rated very highly on that unspoken hierarchy. Canadians evidently do not consider Indigenous people proximate — and the less proximate the subject, the more indifferent the audience.”

Posted on 8 September 2016 and filed under articles, journalism, main, media

missing (indigenous) woman

If you hear a woman is missing, does it make you care more, or less, to discover she’s Indigenous?

Posted on 8 September 2016 and filed under articles, journalism, main, media

How does media responsibly tell stories about people who want to help after Fort McMurray fires?

If on-the-ground organizations say receiving truckloads of donations is causing more harm than good, how should media approach stories about people donating physical goods?

Posted on 9 May 2016 and filed under articles, media


Here’s a story about being a white guy in Canadian media.

Posted on 21 February 2016 and filed under articles, Best Of, big, Canada, journalism, main, media

I’d be more interested in reading pieces about Canada in the New York Times if they weren’t written by Canadians

Canadians care more about what Canadians have to say about Canada if they are saying it to Americans.

Posted on 20 August 2015 and filed under articles, Canada, media

Why all those headlines about Aboriginal women knowing their killer are a little misleading

Aboriginal women and girls are more likely to be killed, but spouses or family members are less likely to be involved than in the homicides of other Canadian females. But that’s not in the headlines.

Posted on 20 June 2015 and filed under Aboriginal, articles, big, comments, main, media

13 Times the Canadian Version of Buzzfeed Was *SO* the Canadian Version of Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed launched a Canadian version of their website. You can probably guess what happened next.

Posted on 11 June 2015 and filed under Canada, links, media, outbound

Bill Phillips is back

Just two weeks after the Prince George Free Press shut down, editor Bill Phillips is back, writing a column for the online-only (which, incidentally, just celebrated its ten-year anniversary). Glad we’ll still have his voice.

Posted on 14 May 2015 and filed under main, media, Prince George, small

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