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Brown man doesn’t smile in picture, is accused of barbaric cultural practices

He is being accused of what Canadian legislation now defines as Barbaric Cultural Practices because of what he looks like and people are uncomfortable with the clothes his wife chooses to wear.

Posted on 10 October 2015 and filed under big, Canada, main, nocomments

Not proven in court

There is a whole lot of middle ground between what is blatantly untrue and what has been proven in the eyes of the law.

Posted on 2 November 2014 and filed under journalism, links, main, nocomments

What it feels like for me to work at CBC right now

I wrote a blog post earlier, but I have some more things to say. I apologize if you are feeling over-saturated with this. For me, personally, this has been a strange time to work at CBC. * * * I was interviewed for my first job here by a panel of women. My first producer […]

Posted on 30 October 2014 and filed under articles, nocomments

Stunned. Shocked. Betrayed.

I keep wanting to write about how I feel betrayed. Betrayed as a listener and betrayed as a fellow broadcaster. I guess to an extent I’m doing that now.

Posted on 29 October 2014 and filed under nocomments

What I know about Jian Ghomeshi, Q, CBC and the hoped-for trips to Prince George (spoiler: not much)

This is like finding out your parents are getting a divorce and mom is suing dad for $50 million.

Posted on 26 October 2014 and filed under articles, CBC, main, nocomments

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