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Dear diary….


I’ve had a draft blog post sitting around for a long time about feminism. It’s not really well written, more just a bunch of disparate thoughts. It starts with how I’ve always believed men and women to be equal in the sense that there is nothing men can do that women can’t and that women […]

Posted on 1 November 2014 and filed under articles, big, comments, main, personal

Thinking In The Open

Working through problems in public.

Posted on 5 September 2014 and filed under blogging, comments, meta, personal


I’m discovering that I’m not very good at delegation. This is not good.

Posted on 3 September 2014 and filed under articles, comments, management, personal

Next Steps

New job, new job, new job.

Posted on 5 August 2014 and filed under comments, personal


Family, legacy, socks.

Posted on 25 July 2014 and filed under articles, big, personal

Off Mic

A year ago, I was supposed to be a CBC Radio host for a few weeks. Those few weeks are finally coming to an end.

Posted on 10 April 2014 and filed under articles, comments, main, personal, radio


Grief isn’t a zero-sum game.

Posted on 3 April 2014 and filed under articles, Best Of, main, nocomments, personal

The push

Compete in a race without training, deliver a speech without practicing. What’s the worst that could happen?

Posted on 22 February 2014 and filed under main, personal

I am going to fail

Breaths and stutters might be just breaths and stutters… or they might add resonance and emotion to the words someone is saying.

Posted on 15 January 2014 and filed under CBC, personal, radio


Yesterday I released an audio trailer for “At Home in the Hood: Stories from Prince George’s VLA Neighbourhood.” It’s a small radio series I’m doing within my regular job at Daybreak North. It’s the first series I’ve ever done, and I’m pretty nervous about it.

Posted on 9 January 2014 and filed under articles, CBC, main, personal, small, social media

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