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‘For those who don’t know…’

Should I stop using the phrase ‘for those who don’t know?’ while writing radio interviews?

Posted on 1 May 2017 and filed under articles, main, radio, writing

One year on, Syrian refugees in Prince George still between worlds

Over the Christmas break, I visited the home of Rose and Nael Tohme who, along with their children, were the first family of Syrian refugees to come to Prince George.

Posted on 16 January 2017 and filed under main, radio

Radio and podcasts should be recognized as an art form

“We seek recognition of the Radio/Podcasting genre through thoughtful reviews, criticism, and a deeper examination of styles and trends.”

Posted on 18 October 2016 and filed under outbound, radio

“If you’re not thinking about sound design, why isn’t the story just a print piece?”

– Mira Burt-Wintonick

Posted on 28 August 2016 and filed under links, main, radio

Podcast content needs to stop being so gosh darn predictable

Nicholas Quah: “The vast majority of the charts draw upon the same few concepts, deriving from the same few traditions, borne of the same few sensibilities. Touchy-feely reportage. Public radio two-ways. Public radio science-y shows. Shows about music. Comedians talking with comedians. People talking with people like themselves. Celebrities talking celebrity things. Conversationals. True crime true […]

Posted on 12 November 2015 and filed under links, main, outbound, radio, small

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