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Writing about writing about…

‘For those who don’t know…’

Should I stop using the phrase ‘for those who don’t know?’ while writing radio interviews?

Posted on 1 May 2017 and filed under articles, main, radio, writing

Longer than a tweet, shorter than an in-depth, investigative magnum opus

Twitter essays, tweet storms, blog posts, and middling thoughts.

Posted on 2 November 2014 and filed under articles, blogging, main, social media, writing

Against Editors

“It is really a two-step career journey, in the writing world. Writing, then editing… If you want to get regular promotions and raises, you will, for the most part, accept the fact that your path takes you away from writing and into editing, in some form. The number of pure writing positions that offer salaries as high as top editing positions is vanishingly small.”

Posted on 29 August 2014 and filed under links, outbound, writing

Start Now

I resolve to make resolutions whenever I damn well please, starting with this.

Posted on 4 January 2014 and filed under articles, comments, main, personal, writing

Dedicated writing machine

Why I stopped writing at fancy new computers and bought an elementary-school reject.

Posted on 5 October 2013 and filed under articles, Best Of, big, comments, main, technology, writing

Want me to care? Then explain it to me like you want me to care

If you want people to listen, talk to be heard.

Posted on 24 May 2013 and filed under articles, journalism, writing

Say Less

Say less.

Posted on 27 March 2013 and filed under articles, comments, journalism, radio, writing

Letter to the Blogger

What would the “Letters to the Editor” section look like on the web?

Posted on 8 March 2013 and filed under articles, comments, misc, social media, writing

Some Of My Favourite Short But Sweet Bios

Yesterday I wrote about how my autobiography has changed over the last few years from being “hireable” to being “professional but personable.” One of the things I didn’t get much into was the challenge of presenting yourself in a short but sweet fashion. My short but sweet bio is, “I’m station manager of CFUR Radio and […]

Posted on 24 March 2011 and filed under how to, misc, writing


“Andrew loves music and the outdoors, plays dodgeball and road hockey, and has way too many pets.” – Daybreak Team The above is the last line from my biography. More specifically, my biography on the website for Daybreak North. And it’s once again got me thinking about how I present myself to the world. Thanks […]

Posted on 23 March 2011 and filed under meta, personal, writing

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