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Prince George Nightlife- Call for Submissions

I’m hoping to do a story on the nightlife (or lack thereof) in Prince George. As I envision in it, I need the voices of residents past and present with their take on what the bar scene is like in the city. I’m not looking for experts, just “average” people for a voice montage. And since this is a radio project, I need it to be audio. Lengthwise, anywhere between ten seconds and a minute and a half is great, but whatever you feel you need is fine.

If you’d like to chime in (and I hope you do), here’s how you can help.

1. You can send me a message at this email address or on Twitter with your thoughts and a way for me to call you so I can record your thoughts.

2. Or you can skip that and call 1-866-340-1932 and leave a voicemail. Just say your first and last name and let us know that this is about the nightlife in Prince George.

3. Or you can get fancy and record/upload your voice using your computer/smartphone and sending it to my Soundcloud dropbox, which is right below. Thanks in advance!

Send me
your sound

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