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Hi, my name is Andrew. My last name is Kurjata, which is Eastern European (likely Polish) in origin. It’s pronounced “ker •ya •ta”. For future reference, please bookmark this page.

I live in the traditional territory of the Llheidli T’enneh, aka Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.I make radio, play dodgeball and road hockey, bike to work, and have a lot of pets.

I’m fascinated by the way we think about and interact with the world, the future of our culture, and strong storytelling. I’m also pretty good at using the internet.


selected work | radio portfolio





If you want more details, my resume is on LinkedIn and Zerply.

About My Blog

My blog has gone through a number of iterations (which you can read about here), but at this point it’s mostly longer-form original/semi-original thoughts with a focus on radio, music, technology,  bikes, citizenship and the city of Prince George. Start with some of my favourites, browse the archives, and if you like what you read, subscribe. Please note that all opinions are my own and are subject to change, as per this disclaimer.

AndrewKurjata.ca is hosted by Bluehost (I used to use NearlyFreeSpeech.net and would still recommend it for smaller sites). Namecheap is my registrar, and it runs a very modified version of the DePo Skinny theme on WordPress. The font is Open Sans.

Super Bonus Tumblr Blog!

I also have a bonus blog containing links, photos, music and other things I find interesting over on Tumblr. You can even ask me stuff.

I’m @akurjata on Twitter.


AndrewKurjata.ca (main blog)


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Andrew Kurjata’s Super Bonus Tumblr Blog


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Blanket Disclaimers and Copyright

The opinions expressed herein are my own, and do not reflect the views of any my employers, clients, or pets. Retweets, reblogs, etc are not endorsements. And so on. DisclaimerCopyright.


I appreciate it if you follow the email charter. Put the topic in the subject line!



/ my homepage, obviously, is AndrewKurjata.ca

/about has my bio. It’s probably out of date by now. And my resume, also likely out of date.

/articles is my blog filtered down just to long-form/original posts (no statuses or asides).

/blog is my blog. The above, with some other stuff.

/bonus is my Tumblr. Links, photos, other things I find interesting.

/contact has information about how to email me, and where to find me on various social websites.

/disclaimer exists because you have to play it safe.

/faq Answers to questions you probably don’t have.

/copyright has copyright information about this blog.

/hi used to be my little landing page, but I decided to switch it to my blog. I still like this, though.

/music has links to my music pages, including my music blog, Almost Mainstream.

/pgtransitalerts acts as the homepage for my Prince George transit alerts project. Right now it just redirects to my blog post about it, but that may change.

/radio a place where I attempt to consolidate at least some of my work for CBC.

/selected selected writing, radio pieces, and other stuff I’d like to highlight.

/subscribe has information about how to subscribe to my blog, including a filter to subscribe only to posts about Prince George. Of course, you could probably figure that out, anyways.


The Archives

If you are new, you may want to browse my best of. You can also skip short links and updates by reading the articles.

Other useful categories include bikes, media, music, how to,
Prince George, radio and technology.

You can browse the bonus Tumblr archives here.

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