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Urban Gardening

Posted on 3 June 2009

It is WARM here in Victoria– supposedly it’s only peaking at just above 20, but I suspect it’s made to feel heavier by the weight of the air. That’s one thing I never knew about living near the ocean: wind, or lack thereof, is a constant factor in the overall weather.

My significant other took the initiative of planting a few veggies about a month and a half ago, and they’re starting to sprout, especially the radishes.

The lettuce is also coming up, in the same spot we grew a dog just a short time ago. In the background is the western red cedar I got back in winter at a forestry event, and planned on turning into a bonsai plant (I’m not sure how to transport it around with me, though, so I may just find somewhere to plant it).


For anyone with an inclination towards plants living in a city, I highly suggest you take a look at, where the author has posted some photos of turning abandoned newspaper boxes into gardens in downtown Toronto. Apparently, mint works best for this (there are seven posts total, I’m just linking you to the first one, by the way). Thanks to @PotterJenny for sharing this.

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