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Photos: June 2010

Posted on 30 June 2010

My last photo round-up was the last week of May, and I feel like it’s time for another one, so maybe this is a monthly thing. You can see all my favourite photos here, and follow me on Flickr at Anyways, here we go:

Flower Patch

this is an empty lot in the Crescents that has a wild garden growing it. I pass it on my bike ride home.


saw this guy on the way out to Wilkins Park one night. Saw a deer on the way home, as well as the bear, again.

Smudge, living up to his name

Smudge, living up to his name


Gizmo (one of our new rescues, he has a bad back thanks to being kicked in a previous home)

Raven Totem Repatriation Stop

A cool story behind this one: it was built in the 1870s and sent to Jasper as a symbol of the “gateway to the north Pacific” when the railroad was completed. Now it’s being repatriated, and Parks Canada has commissioned the Haida to build a replacement for Jasper.

Bocce Ball at Wilkins

For my Mom’s birthday, we went out to Wilkin’s Park and played some bocce ball.

Faith. Hope. Love. Wheel.

Faith. Hope. Love. Wheel.

Weenie King Dethroned

Weenie King Dethroned. This is sad. For years, this was the only mobile food in the city. Now it’s sitting in a junk yard. I have, however, determined it has nothing to do with this.

Panorama Vegetable Garden

Panorama Vegetable Garden. Everything is coming in nicely– that’s kiwi on the fair left.

Impromptu Dinner

I was very happy with this impromptu dinnder of chicken burger, mango spinach salad, and barbecue potatoes with fresh herbs.

Third (the Venue)

Third (the Venue) — there’s some overlap, but I’m pretty happy with the shot

Downtown at Night

Downtown at night — I suspect it’s not going to be long before this place is turned around.

Missing Leg

Missing leg.

Cottonwood Island Park

Cottonwood Island Park.


Butterfly– I can’t take credit for this one, my girlfriend took it.

Storm Coming

you could see this coming all day– then it was a torrential downpour for about an hour, then beautiful again.

Storm Warning

And here it is.


Again, from my girlfriend.


This is after a different storm, actually. It’s been back and forth.

Ferret Slide

some volunteers with Ferrets North built this slide through their laundry shoot into their basement, and into a pile of blankets. They quite like it.

Ferret Slide

Listen for the giggling as he goes by.

Clouds in Moran Park

Clouds in Moran Park

the massive series of fields near our house is a great place to capture pictures of the sky

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