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Tourism Prince George Joins Foursquare

Posted on 6 May 2011

I’m excited to see that Tourism Prince George seems to be joining the Foursquare game.

About a year ago, I wrote about how the Regional District of Fraser Fort George should be using Foursquare in conjunction with their Golden Raven branding. At the time, I suggested they focus on taking their Golden Raven slots and working to create a badge.

A year on, my opinions have changed somewhat. A badge would be cool, but shouldn’t be the primary focus. Fortunately, Foursquare has now opened a lot more elements to use rather than badges and mayors, covered in this extensive help section. And there’s still “tips,” which I’d love to see Tourism PG start dropping. They do a great job letting people know what’s up via Twitter, tips are basically like that only they’re unlocked by being near a place. If I check in at such-and-such hotel when I visit Prince George, having Tourism Prince George let me know what’s within walking distance is a great resource.

There are many, many interesting things being done in the geolocation sphere, and many of the most interesting are being done by tourism organizations. I welcome Tourism PG into this space, and look forward to seeing what they do.

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