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Simple Check-in

Posted on 19 June 2012

I’ve written before about why I think Foursquare is a worth using. Mostly because it pulls in data to help you find good places to go in cities you aren’t familiar with. But I also find it useful for keeping track of places I’ve been, and there a few third-party tools that create cool visual histories or a service Timehop that emails you a list of where you were a year ago.

But getting the full experience requires you to constantly pull out your phone to check-in– and this can be annoying if you’re going multiple places, or if you’re going to the same place again and again. Enter Simple Check-In. As the app description itself says:

“Sometimes you just want to check-in to foursquare and move on. Simple check-in allows you to do just that. It opens directly to the venue list, then one-tap and you’re checked-in. It’s very quick, and very simple.”

It sounds small, but I’ve been using it for about a week and it is a dramatic improvement. I’m able to check-in in seconds– about the same amount of time needed to check the time or read a text. Highly recommended.

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