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Posted on 11 October 2012

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to fill in as the host on Daybreak when the regulars are away. It’s completely different being the public voice of the program, rather than my regular gig behind the scenes.

One of my favourite parts or the job is preparing the show promos. This is a thirty second clip that runs throughout the day enticing listeners with what’s coming up on tomorrow’s program. I love the challenge of introducing a topic, making it sound exciting, and telling people when it’s on, all in a half-minute. It also lets me use music in some creative ways, as I like it to complement the theme of the story.

Below are a few I’ve prepared. I am definitely getting more relaxed in the latter two, compared to the ones I made during my first go a few months back.

Sexy books/SexyBack


Guerrilla gardening / Urban Guerrilla


River float / Rolling Down the River


Oil refinery / Pipeline


Energy slaves / Electric Feel



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I have to admit I really enjoyed doing volunteer radio while in Smithers. I didn’t get to make any 30 second promos but I can see how it’d be fun.

“Taken aback by David Black’s oil plan? We bring Black back to yak about attacks on plan. Ack!”

Posted by Cameron Orr on 11 October 2012 @ 12pm

The nice thing about that one is it is descriptive and has wordplay. As opposed to what’s happening here: (although it would be too long for a lot of publications)

Posted by Andrew on 11 October 2012 @ 2pm

Oh yes, the dreaded SEO. As a fan of good wordplay those things do worry me!

Posted by Cameron Orr on 11 October 2012 @ 4pm

No more than once a week, promise.

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