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Where do the candidates for Prince George mayor and council live?

Posted on 11 November 2014

The other night on Twitter, I got into a discussion with a few other political geeks about different voting systems. One that came up was the ward system, which divides a city up into neighbourhoods and people vote for someone to represent them geographically, similar to ridings on a provincial and federal level. I argued that Prince George is right on the bubble of where such a system would make sense: maybe we are big enough that we need to ensure this type of geographical representation, but I’m not sure.

Anyways, I decided it would be interesting to see which parts of town the people running for mayor and council actually live in. I used the addresses listen on their nomination papers and published on both the City of Prince George and CivicInfo BC websites to create the following Google Map (the blue markers are the mayoral candidates, orange markers are council incumbents, and red is everyone else):

I’m not sure how much usable information there is here, but I do see a few interesting tidbits. For example, while most parts of the city are fairly well represented by both incumbents and challengers, only three people have homes north of the Nechako River. This means that there are actually the same number of people who don’t live in Prince George at all who want to be on council as the entirety of the Hart, North Nechako, and Valleyview areas combined. There is also no one east of the Fraser River, towards the airport and Blackburn. Might be worth investigating why that is.

See the full map here.

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