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You can get Prince George bus routes on Google Maps now

Posted on 20 November 2014

YOUGUYSYOUGUYS this is seriously so exciting.

This morning I took the bus so I could get my winter tires down to the bike shop and I discovered this little message on the Prince George Transit website.

transit preview

So I did and holeeeee cow what an improvement.

transit new

For someone who’s long lamented the complicated nature of the previous system (if you haven’t experienced the process of trying to map a trip, here’s what the schedule looks like), this is a breath of fresh air. Strip it down: I’m here, I want to there, and this is when I want to leave. Thank you!

But wait, there’s more! As I was experimenting with this I noticed that it was automatically detecting potential addresses. I don’t need to know where Canadian Tire is, I just need to say I want to go to Canadian Tire in Prince George.

transit 1


And then I noticed where they were getting those address from… “powered by Google.” Could it be?

transit maps


YES. You can now get bus routes for Prince George (and, presumably, everywhere else serviced by BC Transit) in Google Maps now. I kid you not, I have been requesting this feature since 2009.

BC Transit is asking for feedback on their beta system and I don’t even know what to say, I’m just so excited that we’ve got a system that actually works. My biggest complaint about the bus system has long been that the process of mapping out a route is just so complicated that anyone with a choice would never use it.

This plus the fairly active Twitter account issuing alerts and answering questions should make things a lot more usable, at least for people who are technically savvy.

Since they want feedback, here are my two asks:

Those are little things, though, in what is a hugely positive step forward for BC Transit and, I hope, the number of people who feel comfortable using the bus system in Prince George. Kudos.


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