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The Future Of Meat Is Plant-Based Burgers → 

Posted on 7 January 2015

Rowan Jacobson:

“Considering the speed of change, the money and smarts being thrown at the problem, and the desperate need, it seems likely that sometime in the next decade, Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods or another rival will perfect vegetarian beef, chicken, and pork that is tastier, healthier, and cheaper than the fast-food versions of the real thing. It will be a textbook case of disruptive technology: overnight, meat will become the coal of 2025—dirty, uncompetitive, outcast. Our grandchildren will look back on our practice of using caged animals to assemble proteins with the same incredulousness that we apply to our ancestors’ habit of slaughtering whales to light their homes.”

At this point, eating meat is like a dirty habit I can’t quit. I do it all the time, but I increasingly wish I didn’t. Learning to use eggplant, portabellos, and tofu properly has helped, but this would be huge.

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