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This is how easy it is to change a park name in Prince George

Posted on 11 June 2015

Amongst the response to Murry Krause’s proposal (that, I’m told, comes through the Lheidli T’enneh) to change the name of Fort George Park are people upset about money being wasted/worried about the cost.

Fortunately, Prince George just went through this two weeks ago, when the Prince George Naturalists asked for “Hudsons Bay Slough” to be renamed “Hudson’s Bay Wetland” for a combination of grammatical and PR purposes. The question of cost was raised and the answer… it’s virtually nothing. So it was done, and just over a week later a new sign was up, and basically no one noticed.

Listen to the exchange below:

listen to ‘This is how easy it is to change the name of a park’ on audioBoom

By the way, the cost of letting the taxpayer vote on this, as some people have suggested, would be far, far higher.

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