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Bike lanes

Posted on 20 August 2015

A comment from a story about the city of Prince George considering making it illegal to park in bike lanes:

“I personally do not see a big need for bike lanes to begin with. I see very few bike riders utilizing these bike lanes.”

People aren’t using bike lanes that often have cars parked in them, are often poorly marked, and at times are disconnected from any other bike lanes in the city (meaning getting to/from them requires you to ride in areas without any form of bike lane).

“I personally do not see a big need to fix the potholes on that road. I see very few drivers utilizing that street.”

“I personally do not see a big need to pave that highway. I see very few people utilizing  high speeds along that road.”

“I personally do not see a big need to build a bridge. I see very few commuters utilizing the river.”

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