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These distant shores

This isn’t guilt at my privilege. It’s a stark awareness of it.

Posted on 5 September 2015 and filed under articles, big, main, personal

Why all those headlines about Aboriginal women knowing their killer are a little misleading

Aboriginal women and girls are more likely to be killed, but spouses or family members are less likely to be involved than in the homicides of other Canadian females. But that’s not in the headlines.

Posted on 20 June 2015 and filed under articles, big, comments, Indigenous, main, media

Hello, let’s talk about a park

Why giving civic space its indigenous name is everything and nothing.

Posted on 14 June 2015 and filed under articles, Best Of, big, links, main, outbound, Prince George

So a magazine called you a name: a survival guide from Canada’s Most Dangerous City™

did a magazine call your city “boring”!?!?! this survival guide will help you get through it!

Posted on 27 May 2015 and filed under articles, big, British Columbia, main

Journalism 2015

So yesterday, 241 people at CBC stations across the country, including a few I know, were told their jobs are “redundant”. That brings the total for this year alone to 1,400 cut jobs. I remember when I started at CBC. We had tens of millions more in our budget. We had a robust slate of […]

Posted on 17 April 2015 and filed under articles, big, Canada, CBC, journalism, main

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